3 Key Things To Do If You Are In Sales!

Sales PlannerThe thought of being a sales person gives most people a sick feeling in their stomach because of fear of not meeting goals, not knowing how to ask for the business (or desire of asking), and having to sell oneself.  It’s a tough deal.  I, like you, have had to master 3 key things in order to be good at sales.

#1  Make a plan – I make a list of the people that I would like to contact, write down on a calendar when to contact them, and what I would like to say.  I make the plan a week (and sometimes the day before) prior to contacting the individuals.  This prevents the task feeling so daunting.

#2   Be consistent - I find that being consistent (planning and making my calls) is my greatest challenge as well as with many sales people that I have spoken to.  It is hard to ask for business if you haven’t stayed in touch so checking in with your clients must be a priority!

#3  Create an affirmation – Say it, until you believe it.  If you don’t believe that you are the best person for your clients, then how can they.  The affirmation should resemble who you are or who you would like to become.  An example is “I am successful at creating enormous wealth.  The kind of prosperity that 90% of the world can only dream about earning!  The reason, is because I have no fears and I don’t allow any obstacles to keep me from the success that I am creating today.”

I attached a picture of my binder.  The left side of the binder has expandable folders, which is where I place ideas of what I would like to talk about.  The right side of the binder is where I place my plan for the week.  Feel free to share your system as well.


So, plan, be consistent, and believe your affirmation.  Blessings to you & your business!