5 Decorating uses for empty wine bottles

Wine Bottle UsesWine makers are not only refining their wine making skills, but they are placing their product in beautiful bottles.  I love entertaining outdoors during the warm weather, but I am finding it hard to throw the bottles away because they are so pretty.  So I have come up with 5 ideas on how to incorporate them in my decorating.

  1. Place olive oil in the wine bottle - I have a decorative tray on my kitchen counter with three wine bottles on it.  Two bottles are filled with wine and the third is filled with olive oil.  A word of warning, it is probably a good idea to remove the bottle from the table once everyone has served themselves so that people don’t accidently use the wrong bottle.
  2. Place dish washing soap in it - I rarely come across beautiful soap dispensers, so this was an easy decision.  A word of warning, you need to be careful when you have soapy hands because the bottle can slide right out of them (no different than any glass item).
  3. Place wax and a wick inside the bottle - I have a farmhouse table in my kitchen, which is quite long so it is fun to decorate.  I place the wine bottles throughout the table to create a romantic ambiance.  Word of warning – don’t do this at a table where children will be sitting, nor let anyone touch the bottles because they can get really hot and can burn someone.  Also, don’t leave the candles lit too long and DON’T leave the room with them lit.
  4. Place wild flowers in it – Instead of using a traditional vase or several vases scattered on the table, place wild flowers in the bottles and decorate the table with them.  No warnings needed here.
  5. Place outdoor lights (aka Christmas lights) in the bottles and hang them on tree branches to decorate your outdoor eating space.  You can do this with battery operated flameless candles as well.  Word of warning - don’t leave them unattended or on the branches after the party is over.

I welcome your ideas because I am sure we can all benefit from them.  Blessings!