5 Things To Do Prior to Selling Your Home

5 Things To DoEven In a “Seller’s Market”, Buyers are looking for specific things.  In order to get top dollar for your home, it must meet the Buyer’s expectations.

This is our suggestion of the top 5 things to do:

  1. Curb Appeal Is Important – Do some maintenance on your front yard.  Regardless of price point, many buyers don’t want to spend money on landscaping.
  2. Deep Clean Your Home or Have It Professionally Cleaned – Buyers tend to think that the home was not property maintained if it appears dirty (e.g. hand prints on the kitchen cabinets, front door, walls, etc.).
  3. Pack, Pack, and Pack Some More – It is easy to get caught up in thinking that buyers can see through all of your personal belongings.  FYI, they can’t.  This step will not only help your home appear more spacious, but it will give you a jump start preparing to move.
  4. Keep Your Home Tidy – Keep toilet seats down, limit your trash cans (no need for one in every room), and take your notes off your refrigerator.  Buyers get sidetracked by notes on the refrigerator, how much trash you have through-out your home, and if your bathroom is not kept tidy.
  5. Get Rid of Air Scents – Don’t over deodorize your home with air fresheners.  Buyers tend to feel that a Seller is covering something up when the home has a strong smell of air freshener.

Bonus Advice for Cat Owners - Clean the litter box daily.  You want to have an opportunity to sell to the largest audience as possible.  Regardless of whether Buyers like or dislike cats, it turns them off when they can smell the litter box.